Maxing out Sum of All Thrills

In another thread, Someone posted that @irenek had figured out how to max out your coaster on Sum of All Thrills. Anybody have any idea how to do this?

Wonder if asking a CM at Sum will help? Pretty sure the jet is the most intense.

From the chat thread that had this:

Use jet option

4:17pm on 7/30/14 by ssiepel

To get 1) select Jet 2) choose Wild, Wild, Tophat, Wild for the four sections. 3) on the first section, set height to minimum and speed to max. 4) for all others max speed & height

4:36pm on 7/30/14 by irenek

You can also test out building your ride before you leave home!

5:43pm on 7/30/14 by mALYficent


We scored 990 with the jet, I don't remember how though!

THANK YOU! I missed this in chat, but heard it referred to, and couldn't find it. Thanks again smiley

No worries, glad to have it here myself.