Maximum pixie dust achieved!

So, a few months ago, my sister-in-law’s application for a green card wasn’t approved. They said she failed to provide satisfactory evidence that it was a good faith marriage and to submit more proof and reapply.

So, along with the Online dating site chat transcripts, 5 years of photos from trips as a couple and family events she’s been at, financial information showing that they’ve intermingled their money, and a ton of random stuff, we prepared about a 60 page pdf of screen caps from our private Disney planning Facebook group where we’ve been talking about our trip for the last 13 months to demonstrate that she has “integrated with her spouses family”.

We checked into Kidani yesterday, and this afternoon at Magic Kingdom, standing near the partners statue, she was notified that she’s been approved for her green card! Best possible news our family could have gotten today!!!

I’m claiming all credit to the fact that we made them read 60 pages of Facebook polls and meme comments.


Wow, congratulations!

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We’ve been together for 5 years.

Not good enough.

We survived a Disney trip together.

Alright, you’re good. Nobody would do that unless they were REALLY serious.


Especially not one with the full family! It’s me and my wife plus my wife’s mother, father, 2 younger brothers, sister-in-law, and a serious girlfriend.

Nobody does Disney with the in-laws (at least not the way we’re doing it) if it’s not a real marriage…