Maximum Height Issues in Disney Parks?

I am planning a trip with my spouse and he is 6’8". Are there any rides or attractions that he will not be able to fit in? I would like to know this before we go so he doesn’t get embarrassed by not being able to participate. Thank you !!!

Sum of All Thrills at Epcot (design your own roller coaster) is the only I can think of. You need to squeeze into a ride simulator and be securely fastened - that one might be pretty cramped, although I don’t remember how much height clearance there is exactly. There is a simulation “vehicle” outside the line so he could check if he fits prior to riding though if that sounds appealing…

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Thank you!! Duly noted.

7DMT may be a real challenge. Space is possible but could be tight.

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7DMT is the first one that comes to mind; his knees probably won’t be happy.

I’m only 6’5", but i can say that 7DMT was a little tight. Space Mountain was better in the front seat (I’ve developed an awkward combination of slouching a little and letting my knees stick up/out a bit that works well for the ride but the dismount is laugh-worthy). Splash Mountain actually got to me a bit, but I was placed towards the back so that the kids could enjoy the front.

Oh, and Astro Orbiter was not very fun since they try to combine people and my 11 year old + me was a tight squeeze.

Nothing else really stands out as being awful. Just be prepared for a week of general knee bashing and you should be good to go!



Yea he’ll run into leg issues a lot more than head issues. Most of the ride vehicles are open air above. I’m only 6’ and my knees get pretty banged up. I’ll never try 7DMT again lol.

Thank you! So we will put him front and center and I will promise ice packs at night for the knees!

My husband is 6’7" (long and lean) - he was able to do SOAT, but the attendant hit his head when she closed the top - so something to be careful of. I think that was avoidable - I think she just wasn’t paying enough attention.

He did ok on 7dmt - he crosses his legs at his ankles to fit a little better (granted, I’m not sure he was very comfortable, but he was glad he rode it)

We didn’t do Astro orbiter this trip, but have in the past, and I think he’s fit ok.

He’s done Splash Mountain and BTMRR multiple times with no problem. I think Test Track was best in the front center seat.

He’s taken to asking the attendants if there’s a better seat for more leg room, which he found to be helpful.

If I remember, I’ll try to ask him if there were any others that caused trouble for him. Hope this helps - have fun!


So my husband said Splash Mountain is the worst - he sits sideways and takes up our 8 year old son’s legroom.

For TT, he said the front of the car is good in general.

Mission Space was ok, but watch your knees as the console comes forward.

For BTMRR and Barnstormer he does the same thing as he did for 7DMT (crossing ankles).

All the non-thrill rides were fine for him. Soarin’ was great, too.

Hope this helps!


He said that it makes perfect sense and that he will be taking that advice and to tell your husband a huge THANK YOU!!

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7D is tight for average sized people. Extra tall and pooh sized, fuggeddaboutit!

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I wonder if this info could be pinned somewhere for easy access. Great info!