Maximum Fast Pass Allotment

Riddle me this…I just tried to book a fast pass on June 6 and received a message that I had reached my maximum fast pass allotment. My next trip is June 7-13 and I have fast passes booked for those 7 days. I do not have any fast passes booked for any dates outside of this window. I also have an annual pass. Why would I not be able to book a fast pass on June 6? What am I missing?

Unless you are onsite AP can only hold a max of 7 days of FP

So I can only book on the days when I have an onsite reservation?

All the days you have onsite up to 14 days but if you are not onsite then the max is 7 days of FP with an AP. So if You have 4 days onsite then you can only book 3 more days of FP for a total of 7

Based off this statement you have maximized your FP allotment and won’t be able to book additional days until you use one days worth.

Thank you so much for clarifying this!

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It’s so strange that some people have had luck booking up to 14 days of FPPs. We are APHs and had two different trips booked (close together). We could only hold 10 days of FPPs at once and we were staying onsite for both trips. We had to wait until we used our FPPs on day 1 of our first trip to add other days for second trip.

It’s strange indeed! We have APs and are staying onsite, but I can only hold 7 days. I was trying to find the AP FPP rules on MDE, but I couldn’t find anything on their site.

Call Disney and ask them to fix this for you. 10 days is wrong and there must be a glitch.

“Please note that if your stay is longer than 2 weeks, then FastPass+ selections can be made for up to 14 days.”

So I did actually call when it happened last month and I was told I can only have 10 days worth of FPPs at once. I wish I had had this link to refute that with them. That’s good info for the future though–thanks.

I have same issue…and calling was useless. They were saying that the system will do corrections and delete any fast passes more than the 7 days. I was like, whoa. :open_mouth:

It’s crazy there are so many different experiences. And kind of frustrating.

It seems as if one of the recent software updates has messed up FP booking for some onsite AP holders. You should always call if you cannot book length of stay, up to 14 days. If the person answering the phone tells you otherwise you can ask to talk to someone else because that is not correct, or hang up and call back again.

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Thank you so much for the info. I feel stupid now that I just blindly accepted what they told me–the CM I spoke with seemed so sure of the answer.

It is so funny that one said 7, another 10 but the AP info says 14 ( and that has worked for many of us with two trips).Sometimes I wonder if they do not know or it takes some time?

We had the same happen to us on our trip last month. 7 nights at SSR with booked FP+. Arrived a day early so we tried to add another day of FP and got the same message. So I released our DHS FP from Thursday to add MK FP for the Friday we arrived. On Saturday morning I was able to grab FP’s for the Thursday I released. Granted the popular ones are all gone but we did still save a lot of time by using what we could get. You can hold seven days at a time so as a day passes you can add another at the end.