Maximizing your chances for ROTR boarding group

We have a park reservation for HS on Jan 26, 2021 (a Tuesday). We are a party of 11. In order to try for the boarding groups for ROTR should we

  1. Keep all 11 of us together when trying for a BG at 7am

2 split our group into two groups of 5 and 6 (remove from friends list the night before) and then Try for BG at 7am.

We are super excited to try this ride.

I doubt it matters. If there are enough BGs for 11, then doing it all as a single group should be no different. IN fact, it might be risky to split up because you’re more likely to end up in completely different BGs (perhaps hours apart) or you might end up with one group getting a BG and the other not.

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I didn’t think of that scenario (ending up hours apart). Good point. I think we will stick together and teach those with phones on how to get the BG. Should hopefully increase our odds.

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Not necessarily. I would suggest maybe two at most try. There is reason to believe multiple people trying within the same group might actually cause problems and potentially reduce your chances.

Whoever is your quickest should try, and perhaps one other in case something goes wrong with the main person (such as loss of network connection, or phone issues, etc).

Think of it like this. You can toss up the ball, and have a team hoping to get it. But you don’t really increase your odds if you have 11 people trying for the ball…you might end up getting in each others way and end up dropping it entirely! :slight_smile:



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Not sure if this goes without saying but I think it helps if you practice at least once or twice before the big day. It’s one thing to read instructions about how to do it, but it’s another thing entirely to click through the screens. No need to go crazy with it but If you do it from home then you are more comfortable with the screens and don’t read or look for buttons- it’s just click click done!