Max pass

How do they work? We are great grandparents and have never used them .

We bought ours once we had gone through the turnstiles into the park. I think you can buy it in advance with your pass but it’s very simple to do in the park, you just need the Disneyland app on your phone.

Once you have purchased it you will be able to choose FP from your app. The instructions are quite easy to follow on your screen.

Thank you Stewart. Have been to Disneyland several times. But the last time was with our 15 yr old granddaughter. Now at 75 & 77 this trip will be a challenge for us.

I find the instructions on this site to be fairly clear. No pictures though

There are several videos online that will walk you through the process. I highly recommend hopping on YouTube and checking them out. Type in Maxpass tutorials or Maxpass help and you will get several that pop up. Watch a few, as some will resonate better to you than others.

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You will love it, saves so much time, waiting and walking. The one issue I ran into was I put my credit card into the system so I didn’t bring it with me, and the ap asked for the security card on the phone each day when I bought the maxpass. So, bring your card with you or know what that CVV code is on your card.

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Luckily I have mine memorized, otherwise the same thing would have happened to me!

Great, thanks a lot!