Max Pass on non US phone

Anyone got experience on using Max Pass on a foreign (UK) phone? Obviously I won’t want to be using my own data so will be relying on the Wi-Fi if I do end up using it which I’ve heard is patchy. We do have 5 day tickets so the fast passes aren’t exactly high priority but it would only be 30 dollars more than buying photopass for a week. And that’s supposing I buy it for both of us everyday instead of just playing by ear and grabbing it for one of us for the photos alone. Any thoughts?

I haven’t dealt with trying that, but, you could consider either a US SIM card or a “portable Wi-Fi hot spot” as well. Just a few thoughts about alternatives.

You should not rely on the park’s WiFi. It is common knowledge that the signal is very spotty and there are huge gaps were there is no signal at all.

Fastpasses should be a priority for you. Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin, and GotG develop instantaneously long lines at RD. I visited last September during a CL1 day (yes, one) and Fastpasses for those three ran out before 10am.

If still unconvinced and FP really don’t matter to you then simply purchase your Max Pass after you enter the park. This will be the only moment in the day when you have to use data. Your first photographer will give you a “photo card” which you can use to scan each time you get your picture taken without have to take out your phone. You can later link your card to your account.

However, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of the fast passes even if it is only for the headliners. You can also use your “ticket card” to scan your FP entrance.

Last time I was at Disney, I didn’t have data, so I had to use the park’s Wifi. It worked in a pinch, but it would keep dropping the connection constantly. When we signed up our kid to do the Agent Perry adventure in Epcot, we asked for a phone, and they were like, “We don’t usually do that. Most people use their own phone.” And I pointed out that I didn’t have data and the Wifi connection barely worked. They grudgingly handed us a phone to use for the time we were there. Surprisingly, they didn’t make any record whatsoever of us taking the phone, so I don’t know how they would have enforced it if we didn’t return it. (We did.)

Anyhow, point is…you would probably do better to get a prepaid SIM card.

When I said fast passes aren’t a priority I meant the ones on the app. So for those headliners we would ride (unsure about gotg, I’m a maybe, my mother is a hell no) I could just rely on the standard kiosk ones. Even if it meant hitting only one a day. If the Wi-Fi is as patchy as you say, I’ll be unlikely to get them via max pass anyway as I will only have sporadic access. That’s why I was wondering if it might be better to just get a good plan in place and head for the kiosks letting the return times fall as they will. It’s annoying that the connection isn’t good, I loved the ease brought to my days in both Paris and WDW through the apps purely for the updated waiting times. Ah well

I should clarify my comments applied to WDW, not Disneyland.

I figured. Which is weird because I was quite impressed with the Wi-Fi in wdw. Maybe that was just because I had set my expectations fairly low

The FP kiosk line for RSR was close to 30 min at opening when I visited but to each their own. If you do decide to get a SIM card then know that it would be money well spent.

I can’t emphasize enough how different the FP experience is at Disneyland compared to WDW. Remember that in the afternoon every AP holder and their mother come to spend a couple of hours. If done right you can chain your max passes to have more than you can possibly imagine.

While I am not from the UK I am from Canada and used the MP on my phone this past summer. The wifi is spotty for sure so I did use some data but not a lot. Can you get a plan with a bit of data?

I’ve just upgraded my phone and on my new plan it’s £6 per day to use my 16gb allowance abroad. So it’ll add an extra cost but not one that breaks the bank and sorts my problem :grin: now I just have to hope I get good 4g signal!

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That’s a good deal k.thorne and as you say, solves the potential problem. My provider doesn’t do anything similar but looking at getting a PAYG Sim from ‘3’ who do the ‘Feel at Home’ plan. Seems like a reasonable solution, albeit a bit more costly than your deal.

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glad you found a cost effective solution!!

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