Max Pass just for the PhotoPass

Hi, we are a family of 6 (kids 16, 14, 14, 10) travelling from Australia and are looking at getting the 5 day/1 park per day tickets. We will most likely go early mornings (rope drop) and leave after lunch. We will possibly return for two evenings. My family are not overly fussed about big adrenalin rides (I love them but am the only one…) They are more looking forward to the fun family rides and shows.

Many people on here say you have to get Max Pass as its so affordable… For us that would be an extra $450 for the 5 days (close to $700 Australian dollars)

My question is as we only plan to do mostly mornings when it is quieter and are still able to get paper fast passes, could I get just one MaxPass linked to my ticket so we can get the photo passes. Do we all have to have MaxPass to get the photos?

Thanks for any advice you can give. We arrive in LA on 28th September for 11 nights. We are also doing a day at Universal and an overnight to San Diego to do SeaWorld (one child wants to be a marine biologist so she is swimming with dolphins :wink:)

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Yes, one person can get MaxPass for PhotoPass, we’ve done this.

We had breakfast at the Plaza and got a PhotoPass picture taken with Minnie and in order to get the picture linked, the CM wanted to see that we had purchased MaxPass by pretending to book a FP. When you go to book one, it defaults to selecting everyone in your party (and only my dad had MP), and the CM helped him deselect everyone else so it showed that he had MP. So she could clearly see only he had it, but all that mattered was that one person had it, so it wasn’t an issue.


They can also give you a photo card that you can later link to your MP account.

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You can absolutely get a MP account for just photos and it is well worth it. For us, it is a must have, but we are all thrill seekers (well, Disney’s version of thrills. Recently went to Six Flags and realized I am not that big of a thrill seeker anymore!). If you have MP for just you and you want to ride a couple of the thrills, then you could also use it to go on a couple of rides solo. I also think it is reasonable that you not get it due to your length of stay. In that time, you can easily accomplish everything and then some! Another thing to consider, it is not all or nothing. If you decide that you want to to add it to a day or two for the entire family, you can. It is easy to do while in the park, the day of, if you so choose. Not all the rides that have MP are super thrilling. Plus some of the “thrill” rides are not to be missed, such as RSR. Have a great trip!


Thank everyone that’s great. Yes we all want to do RSR. When we mean big trill rides I was more thinking Space Mountain/incredicoaster. my kids (and husband) don’t like big roller coasters. I’m hoping to get them onto some of the smaller coasters. Also a small issue with motion sickness for a couple of kids but packing motion sickness medication…

I’m still in the process of working out which rides we plan to to do but think we will rope drop the popular ones on the 5 days we are there. I still have to look at do a Touring Plan for each day.

Getting excited. Thanks for all your help!

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I will definitely be going on everything if I can! I’ve been to DL 3 times (prior to DCA opening), but my kids haven’t. Interested to see the changes.

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