Max Pass and TP/ crowd status

I will be at Disneyland Dec 7 and 13m CA Dec 12. Its supposed to be a low crowd time ( mod crowd on other calendars). There will be 4 young children in our group ages 2-8yrs. To save time, I was going to get max pass ($90 for the group). Would it be worth it? Does a touring plan work with max pass?

Maxpass will make your days very efficient & I found that I loved it most for the ability to book FPs for DCA while in DCA or vice versa AND for being able to book FPs from the hotel during a midday break so we could come back with some FPs ready to use. A lot of people have really fallen in love with it & now lump it into their ticket cost, so you’ll most likely love it as well. The touring plan hasn’t been updated to include MaxPass. However, using a MaxPass will only save you time so there’s no reason not to have a touring plan. What I have found I like best is printing my plan off & using it more like a list that I tick off.

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That was exactly our experience last month.

I used it at the end of oct and loved it. I did not use a TP, as it was a last minute trip. I am planning a trip in January and I am doing a TP and will also be adding Maxpass for our upcoming trip. My plan to address this is to check the box for FASTPASS runner.