Massive crisis — In park testimony required

The Starbucks at Epcot has closed because of the epic building works. All I can find is that the plan is that it relocates.

But to where? And when?

People need Frappuccinos.


Looks like it’s not relocating until Nov 23? You might have to be ready to react quickly before your December trip.

Or did it close early?

Nvm, looks like I was reading an old article.

Edit: this article says odyssey pavillion


So that’s the where. But when? I’m there in December. I need Frappuccinos.

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Probably lucky it closed now and not November. I can see it taking a week or 2 to move, but no way will they stay closed for 3 months.


Don’t forget Joffrey’s coffee!

Oh, I’ll never forget the bitter regret of giving up at Epcot Starbucks because it was so busy and trying Joffrey’s miserable embarrassment of an alternative.

Never again. Never.


The question is, if there is no Starbucks to go to, is the miserable embarrassment of an alternative better than NO alternative?

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As Theresa May kept saying “no deal is better than a bad deal”.


It depends on how bad is bad…
I don’t need foo-foo coffee. But I learned first hand last month on our road trip that I can have only so many cups of nasty swill (cheap-o gas stations) before I decide to drive miles off the route to get something palatable (Dunkin).

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I could go one day for sure.

Well, to me, if it tastes at ALL like coffee in the slightest…it’s bad. :wink:

I can’t stand coffee, or anything coffee-flavored.

But, my son was fine with Joffrey’s the last time we went. Whatever that means.


When is your trip, Matt? Is this for the Oct trip? I thought that was next year.

I believe it is being temporarily moved to the Oddessey in Future World.

Edited to add: it looks like the temporary location will be available late fall.

Opposite ends of the spectrum-here I prefer my coffee black

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December 2019. October is 2020.

I like my coffee like I like my men: covered in whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Actually, that’s not true. I like them mixed with ice and put in a blender.

Coffee, I mean. Not men. They don’t fit in blenders. Apparently. Wood chippers, yes. Blenders, no.


I don’t understand why they would make you find the store in the first place. They should have these little robot delivery vehicles driving around the park bringing you coffee.


It maybe hard to believe but I’ve never had a Dunkin’s coffee or donut. Until recently, they were very sparse in CA’s Bay Area. Now I heard there’s one in my area and another on the way. Need to check it out! P.S. I am not a big fan of Starbucks…they put too much milk in their cappuccinos…Always have to stress I want them dry! At WDW, I like (not loved) the Iced coffees at the POR food courts.

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I haven’t really had much Starbucks bc they intimidate me.
I’ve only been drinking coffee for the last four years. I am far from a connoisseur. But I do like Dunkin dark roast.

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