Massive AK crisis

I’ve been rescheduling my AK day, thanks to Wildboargate.

I now find myself with NOTHING TO DO between about 7.20pm and 9.40pm.

It seems like lots of attractions don’t operate in the evenings. So what is there that I can do? I’m not really looking for rides.

I might do ROL, but I won’t have a special ticket for it, so the queuing and waiting might be miserable.

Without even looking to the right, I saw the dramatic headline and thought, “There he goes again!”

Yup, it’s you.

“Nothing to do between 7:20-9:40” in AK is not an issue. Grab a spot in Harambe market (Dawa, preferred, but I seem to think you don’t drink much - but you could always just get a coke) and watch the performers in the square for a while. Check out the Tree of Life Awakenings once it’s dark enough. Do a little browsing in the shops. Ride EE at night (it’s an entirely different experience). Enjoy ROL. Watch ROL from alternate viewpoint at Flame Tree.

Must I go on?


I use a FP for RoL - so I don’t know how bad the lines are to get into reg seating, but you could try for a same-day FP. I really like that show.
When I go I am going to wander in Pandora at night a little, and get the magic shot with the woodsprite.
That is when I would do some shopping ( you must need another pen) and have some ice-cream LOL

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Starbucks. Cupcake. People watch.


I should have given more detail.

I have dinner at Tiffins which will end at about half past seven. So I don’t want to do anything to do with food. I have an FPP for FOP from 9.30-10.30pm, which I want to use at about 9.45pm, so I can then do a last ride of the day on Na’vi.

I like the idea of night-time EE, though maybe not straight after dinner.

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You could go stand in the FOP standby line, that should take about 2-3 hours!!:cowboy_hat_face:

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To be fair to myself, this is clearly an issue as the Disney website has a whole page devoted to this problem.


They saw you coming.

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Would you swap an FPP for EE for an FPP for ROL, and rely on the SR line?

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Completely and 100%

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I would look at TP and see what wait time they predict for that day/time for EE

SR is always a sure bet for a short line. Lines at EE in evening get wicked short anyway even standby


I can’t do EE anymore - sigh (had surgery on my neck) and last time I went to AK when I could do it - was before the park was open at night.
That is good to know though - probably going back in 2019 or 2020 with my BFs daughters who will be 13 & 15 so they will want to go on it :wink:

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You’re sure I should do this? You know what’ll happen if it goes wrong.

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It is done.

The TP crowd predictor thing says the SR wait time should be 15 minutes at the time I was going to use my FPP for. Which still fits my schedule.

And during my crisis period, it claims a 2 minute wait time.


This has been my experience as well. The walk to the front of the queue can take longer than the wait itself!

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Thank you. Please shoulder some of my burden. @profmatt is so hard to deal with… Worse since the whole fame thing.


I’ve got your back.

At least until he comes after us with idle threats. Then, it’s every man for himself. You’re on your own!

Fortunately, I have experience with folks the likes of @profmatt. After all, all five of my kids were once toddlers as well! :wink: