Masks vs. Respirators in WDW

Gotcha! Do you just not like the regular valveless kind? They’re still better protection than regular facemasks.

Do you know of some good N95 Or KN95 masks without the valve that regular people can buy. Where do you get yours?

I don’t like that they have a short use life. I’d prefer one that I can change out filters. Especially since it’s hard to find them.

I got mine at TSC Tractor Supply Center.They’re sold by Stanley, the manufacturer is Safety Works. But that was in January so I have no idea if you can still get them. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are really big. I doubt they’d pass a fit test, on me at least!!

Edit: Wait a minute, I’ve got two different kinds. One by Safety Works, and one by Stanley. The Safety Works ones are the ones that are very large. I got the Stanley masks at TSC, and I think I got the Safety Works at Ace Hardware.

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In Canada I saw Costco selling the KN95 online.

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They were in the store, too. At least they were a month ago.