Masks on kids

Hi everyone, I have a 6 and 8 year old, they are very compliant with masks the few time we have been out in public. Assuming things get better and we get to go to Disney in October does anyone have suggestions on a way to secure the masks so they don’t fall on the ground like maybe some type of clip or fastener to secure to their shirts? My kids are clumsy and I don’t want them picking a mask up off the ground that they dropped and putting it back on their face.

I saw a picture where a mom sewed buttons onto a baseball cap and hooked the ear pieces over the buttons.


Maybe something as simple as a lanyard that it can be clipped to so that if they drop it it’s still hanging around their necks.


Paci clip?

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Thanks for the tips everyone!

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I’ve seen buttons sewed onto headbands for people that have had to wear them all day and the elastic starts to hurt their ears.

Instead maybe sew buttons onto Mickey Ears

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There are mask hooks that go around the back of the head. That is what we are going to use with our kids.

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That’s great! Thanks for sharing, I think I’m going to get these

This pic is interesting. I’ve seen them pictured and used higher on the head. In this instance, it would be above the ponytail.

I guess a person just needs to try out several positions and maybe several types of these devices.

I’ve used something similar and it squished my nose and gave me a major tension headache. Just an FYI.

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I like this!

Anything that goes around a kid’s neck just makes me nervous. But these don’t, they get the job done without requiring a hat or a lanyard.

Thanks for the tip!

Heaven help us if people are still wearing masks in October. I personally won’t even wear one today, in May. At some point, we are going to have to decide as a country that this is just one one more virus to deal with every year and get back to normal and let life go on.


Yup, wearing a mask is a deal breaker for us in Sept. and we are 2 adults. I’m lucky not to have to wear one for work (we have markers on the floor so we can socially distance when not at our desks) but need to basically everywhere else in NJ.
I can’t imagine someone who has breathing problems wearing one, it will be hard to enforce for sure. I don’t envy the CMs.


Yeah, I’ve thought a lot about it the last few days and although we could try to do masks in Disney, and we really want to go very badly, especially after our May trip was cancelled, its going to be too stressful to keep masks on the kids, and uncomfortable. I’m not looking for that kind of vacation experience!

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I don’t know how a company handles this.You cannot require someone with a medical condition to wear one; but you also cannot require proof of (or even ask about) that medical condition.

Then you have people seeing noncompliance and think they shouldn’t have to wear either. Not to mention all the liars who will just claim a medical condition.

If I were Disney, I think I may still require masks and take my chances with people filing an ADA lawsuits. Maybe you end up modifying the ADA through case law or shamed legislative action.

People getting sick at Disney is a bigger liability and PR headache than ADA issues. This virus is completely new territory, and the law is going to have to adjust to the norms and situations it has created. And really, anyone who cannot wear a mask medically shouldn’t be at the park now. Going to Disney is not a necessity like the grocery store.


Yes, you bring up very good points. It’s also not only about those who have breathing problems. What about those who have sensory issues and won’t be able to wear one for certain periods of time and probably a dozen or so others I haven’t even thought of.

I think Disney covered themselves with their statement that reads “by visiting WDW you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID 19”.

As much as we all love Disney, as guests it’s not a necessity and we choose to go there, we aren’t obligated to. They do however have to do as much as they can to protect their CMs.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Disney changed the rules for masks for children. It seems that adults are the ones who contract, fall ill from, and pass along the virus at a far greater rate than children.

It was apparent from the start that kids don’t often get sick from it, but we didn’t know if they could be vectors. Increasingly, it appears that they aren’t, or at least not significantly so.

I think as we get more clarity regarding how transmission occurs, they’ll be able to tailor the policies a little better. Here’s hoping! :crossed_fingers:


Depends on circumstance. Disney could still be liable.

In any case it still has PR issues and people falling sick and publicly blaming Disney could trigger another shutdown (or ugly attempt to do so).

Here’s a pretty good study that is relevant to the issue of masks for children. In this study from Ireland, no children either transmitted or contracted COVID19 at school . The few children who got it, got it outside of the school setting.


Thank you for sharing, that is a very interesting and reassuring. Hopefully more studies will be done that show the same results.