Marvel Day at sea

Does anyone have a trip report on the Marvel Day at sea on the Disney Magic? We are booked for a cruise that has one in April.


I am bringing this thread back to life as I am hoping someone can give a review for Marvel at Sea… looking to book this for fam of 5 kids ages 11,9,5

I found this video that shows the different activities during Marvel Day at Sea.

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

We did this in April. Short version is we loved it. It was our first time on a Disney cruise too. I’d always said their prices were too high until they came up with this. It is just one day out of the cruise that is Marvel themed. But that day is PACKED. We spent at least half of it in character lines and still missed a lot of them due to overlapping appearances. Most of the kids dress up. My husband and I were not quite the only adults in costume but 99% of the time, we couldn’t spot any others. Our son is 7. Happy to answer any questions and share photos if I can figure out how to upload them.

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