Marrying a Touring Plan with FPP Reservations

I have a established a custom touring plan, created by editing the pre-existing, recommended touring plans. When I optimize the plan, some of the attractions that are recommended morning fast pass rides get moved into the afternoon. When I reserve FPP, should I get them for the times recommended by the original plan, or at the time that my optimized touring plan moved them to? And if I go with the original times and load my FPP reservations into my touring plans, how much time would likely be shaved off?

Go with the custom, optimized plan FPP recommendations. You can also make a copy of your current plan and do just what you asked with your last question - add in hypothetical FPP into your customized plan and see what it does. How much time is shaved off depends on what attractions and what the projected crowd levels are.

My custom plans don’t recommend any FPP reservation times. In this case, I should just run some hypotheticals through and do what cuts down wait time most? Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I feel like a scientist.

What is the projected crowd level like when you are going? Everyone has a different approach, but for me, getting extra same day FP’s is important. I usually prepare my TP’s in the logical manner in which I want to tour the parks (including meals and breaks). I hit a few popular standby lines upon arrival (if close to RD). Then I add hypothetical FP’s for headliners mid-morning to early afternoon. Next I hit EVALUATE. If the projected wait times are not too bad, I keep this plan and adjust it as necessary. If not, I rearrange attractions to get the wait times down. I then use my hypothetical FP windows as a guide when my 60-day window opens up on MDE for FP’s. Later, I replace my hypothetical FP’s with the real ones and EVALUATE again.

I just found that using OPTIMIZE had me hopping all over the place in an illogical manner, and in the heat, that is tough. Also, we have been pretty lucky with getting extra same-day FP’s using this approach. Good luck!

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The projected crowd levels for most of the trip are like 3/4. The last few days are more like 7/9. It’s the week before thanksgiving plus the weekend and Monday of Thanksgiving week. 11/14-11/21, with 11/20 being the last park day.