Margaritas in Mexico

Another question I’ve been considering:

Friday 3-17 we’re due for 45 min in Mexico around 3 pm. Hoping for a little break to rest the feet and enjoy an adult beverage. Myself, the wife, and 2 kids (ages 8 and 6). Our usual instinct would be to head right for La Cava del Tequila, but I’ve heard people in there sometimes give the stinkeye to kids. What’s your preferred Mexico venue for a margarita and quick rest? Thanks!:beers:

I can’t comment on the “stink eye” factor, but you are in a park, and it’s the middle of the day. You might get some glances if you sit them right at the bar, but otherwise I don’t see a problem. If there is one, it’s on them not you and your family. And as for quality, nothing comes close to La Cava. The ones at the outdoor Cantina are OK; I like them for a grab and go while walking around WS, but they’re on a par with you average chain Mexican restaurant. The ones they had at the little stand (that’s no longer there) were nasty; not sure what they’ll be like when they open the new one. If you’re interested in trying some different, there is a kiosk in China that sells a “Mango Gingerita” which was quite good, and very refreshing - although it was a bit on the small side for the price.


Just go to La Cava and ignore them (the people giving you stink eye, not the kids!!) - as long as the kids are not drinking margaritas, it’s nobody else’s business.