Mardis Gras and President's Day

I was reading the Crowd Calendar and the week we are at WDW is when Mardis Gras and President’s week overlap. It says that if these two fall on the same week (which they do in 2015) that crowds will be similar to Christmas crowds. However when I compare wait times for days around Christmas and the days we will be in WDW they are different. Will this greatly affect my plan and the wait times will be off?

For example the day we want to go to MK it is predicted to be an 8/10 (Feb 14). Wait times for BTMRR at 10am is 13 min, SM is 25 min at 10am and Peter Pan is 34 min at 10am.

The MK days around Christmas are all 10s. However on Dec 22 is only a 9 so I chose that as my comparison. BTMRR is 27 min, Space Mountain is 46 min, Peter Pan is 42 min. All at same time as February 14.

This seems like a big difference… especially if crowds are supposed to end up being very similar to Christmas. Thoughts?

Well keep in mind that no days are really as busy as christmas but an 8 in February is really busy because most of the month is pretty low crowds. And by Liner standards even a 25 min wait is a long time for most. If you are going during that time just make sure to take advantage of morning EMH and you should still be ok.

I don’t think that even other 10 days compare to a 10 day at Christmas. @len mentioned that @fred once suggested that Christmas should really be 14.

The projected wait times for February should take this “double whammy” into account, so I would go with them rather than trying looking at other days that you think should be similar.

We go Presidents week every year, and even when Mardis Gras falls during the week (like this year) crowds are manageable between EMH and Noon…we go do outside park stuff Noon to 5 and head back in 6 to close. No issues.