Mardi gras

I’m going to be in universal for a one night stay in Feb (10-11th) I know there is going to alot going on for Mardi gras and I’m excited! When does universal usually release the concerts for Mardi gras? Curious to see who we will get to see

Never been myself, so I can’t speak from experience. Usually there’s a post on the TP blog when the performers are announced. You might also check Orlando Informer’s site, as they’re more UOR-focused and might have info up a bit faster. I would think you should hear something by mid-January.

Thanks BG. That site is awesome thanks for the suggestion

We will be there on Feb 10th and 11th too, and I just found out that the Beach Boys are playing! Very excited about this.

Here you go, here’s a link to the concert information. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to just scroll down to where it says concerts and click on that.