Mardi Gras projections

According to your website Mardi Gras is a very busy time but Feb 28, 2017 is rated a 5. I would assume a 5 is about middle of the road. I expected it to be more in the 7 or 8 range. Can you please explain?

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Projections are updated about 6 months out. Mardis gras affects ioa much less than usf. Also cl is based on wait times between 10-5. Parks get very busy later in the day but not everyone one does rides which is what cl are based on. Once the bands are announced then you will have a better idea of how busy it will be.
AP holders who are blacked out get in after 5 pm for MG and it gets very busy then but that has no effect on CL.

I think they’re asking about WDW, not UOR; at least it in the WDW category.

Oops. Oh well someone might find my ramblings useful. Lol.

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I am referring to WDW. Thanks!