Mardi Gras & Cinematic Celebration?

Anyone know if Cinematic Celebration will be showing during Mardi Gras? Or know where I can find future show times? Everything I see tells me to go to the app which only shows day of. Thanks

Yes it did last year. If you look at the TP historical data, you can see if the night show happened and the showtime.

Best place to go is the Touring Plans calendar, which gives a predicted time for the Cinematic Celebration.

Let me know if you need help accessing.

P.S. Takeout tonight? :joy:

Thanks! And you are correct, I’m not cooking tonight. I’m a stay at home mom so vacation means no cooking for me.



I forgot to add, the Cinematic Celebration typically starts at the same time as the park closing time for that day. So it can vary from 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00.

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I don’t believe it runs on concert days, FYI.