March plans taking shape

My trip is March 25-28, it’s a bonus from work (I won a performance award! eee), and I’m taking my stepdaughter, who is 25. We have 2-day parkhoppers, we both have anxiety issues in crowds, and she gets motion sick very easily due to one of the meds she takes (she doesn’t mind sitting out while I do some roller coasters).

I feel like this whole scenario is some sort of pop quiz where I need to design a plan to get through spring break crowds and cherrypick the best things to do with only 2 park days. I’m extremely grateful for this awesome trip, please don’t get me wrong… it’s just that none of my “fantasy planning” was ever for a lightning strike visit in level 8-10 crowds!

Oh and I won’t get the booking/ticket info until about 45 days out, so the most coveted fastpasses are unlikely to become mine (I mean… of course I’ll try).

Anyway, here are preliminary plans:

Sunday: arrive Beach Club around 1pm. Visit Disney Springs because DSD wants to shop. Then in the evening is a work reception.

Monday: Magic Kingdom, ropedrop. I will be happy if we hit: Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mt RR (it was down my last 2 visits), 7 Dwarves, Buzz Lightyear thingy?, and Little Mermaid. We need to be back at Beach Club and probably shower & change for another work event in the evening. I’m trying to decide between trying to get a BOG dinner at 4 and then being too full to enjoy whatever food is at the reception (but DSD gets a pic with the Beast) or getting BOG lunch.

Tuesday: Animal Kingdom, ropedrop. I have already snagged a ROL dining package (Tiffins, lunch). I’m resigned to missing FoP this trip but I definitely want to walk around Pandora and get on the Navi river thingy, and I want to do the safari, EE, and FotLK. We’re likely to flee the park after lunch and then return for the evening. My thinking is that the animals are more active in the morning and Pandora should look cooler at the end of the day.

Wednesday: No park ticket this day but our flight home isn’t until 8pm. I got a reservation for the character breakfast with Ariel and Rapunzel, then I figure we’ll do stormalong bay and/or disney springs until we have to go.

No real question here :slight_smile: I’m just open to comments from all you lovely smart people.

Just as a note, the Beast is not guaranteed at dinner, so I wouldn’t plan a meal there solely around him.

I wouldn’t give up on FOP. Especially if you’re just looking for one FP+. Keep checking!

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As for BOG. You don’t actually have to get dinner if you get a dinner reservation. I see on here all the time that people just go and get dessert. You could do that or split a dinner so you are not too full. Like it was mentioned, the beast is not guaranteed, but it might be worth a chance (and the gray stuff😋)

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Sounds like a short - but fun - trip!

Since you’re staying at BC, would you hop over to Epcot either evening? Being that close to Epcot’s back door - and given that you’ll be there right in the heart of Flower & Garden - it would be difficult for me to pass up even a quick stop over to that park.


Great point about Flower and Garden @JonMcIntosh!

Do you have a reservation finder set up for Be Our Guest? Athough the Beast May not be “guaranteed” at dinner (it is not a character meal where you meet a character during your meal) I have never heard a report of him not being at dinner.


I’d save my money and not do the BOG Dinner – can you add an extra park day and spend your last day at Epcot with that extra $$? Have you run the numbers for that — it would kill me a little to stay at Beach Club and NOT go to Epcot.

Or just hit up Epcot without fastpasses that Tuesday morning and then do AK in the afternoon/evening after a quick break. There should be time for a little at both since I’m reading that you do have parkhoppers (any way to make that a 3 day ticket without parkhopper - a 3 day nonparkhopper is only 30 more than a 2 day with parkhopper)? 3 days is better than 2 if there’s any way to swing it (and it looks like you have the time based on your flight schedule).

I’m going with Epcot Tuesday morning, then AK for afternoon/evening. The company that books all of this doesn’t give us an option to add a day to our parkhoppers, which I thought was odd.

It’s been a little bit! But my plans are in better shape. Thank you to everyone who pointed out flower and garden, because I’d be seriously kicking myself to miss that.

Sunday is the same. DSD expressed strong interest in Morimoto Asia for ramen.

Monday: I was holding lunch and dinner BOG ressies for a little while but I ultimately kept the lunch. I got pretty decent fastpasses for MK, and improved them a couple days ago when park hours got extended that day.

Tuesday: We will ropedrop Epcot and try to catch Frozen. We can skip most of future world, but I’ll have to see Figment and maybe we’ll catch the Land. Then check out F&G for a bit, hopping to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. I changed to a dinner RoL dining package, and managed a Na’vi river FP.

Wednesday plans are the same except I remembered how close Beach Club is to Fantasia minigolf, so that’s on the list too.

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