March or October?

So… I just had a brilliant idea for the trip I’m planning in 2023.

My husband works at a company owned by Ultra Orthodox (Hasidic) Jews. There are periods where they close the buisness for an extended time because they are not allowed to conduct buisness. Two of those times are Passover and Sukkot. They take place in 2023 during 4/6-13 and 10/10-16. They are paid, so if we added a weeks vacation time, we’d get an extra long vacation!

Considering we don’t like super hot weather, which of these would be a better choice? (I know both are probably warmer than I’d like, but…)
Also, DVC owners, which of these is cheaper from a points perspective typically? I’m thinking about renting points for a villa to give us some more space to spread out, especially if it’s for 2 weeks.


April for a bit cooler (still warm) weather. October can still be a bit hot. There is a recent post a couple days ago with the 2022 point dates. This may give you a ball park idea.

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Looks like April is both cooler and cheaper! If I add the week on to the week before they close, almost all of it stays in the cheaper season. But, that puts us there at Easter…

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Isn’t Spring Break time, particularly around Easter usually very crowded?

Yes, which is something I’m thinking about. Well, at least I have a long time to sort it out!

When is Easter that year? If Easter is earlier and you took your extra week at the end, it might not be so bad.

10/11/21 is Columbus Day (or whatever is consider PC) and is historically is a very busy week. I would avoid it if at all possible.

I don’t know weather comparison but Oct gives you all the Halloween stuff, which I desperately want to see, I’ve heard it’s so good.

Easter is at the end of the week of Passover, so it would be the weekend they would be there.

I’ve done Halloween at WDW before. It’s neat, but it’s not something I need to do again.

I suspect that neither of those two weeks are going to work logistically, bc I hate the heat (so October is out) and Easter crowds do not inspire me either. I’ll have to check the list of what other holidays they close for and see if any of them could work, even if it’s just a 10 day trip instead of 14. I know Purim is another big one. Some holidays they can conduct buisness, (like Chanukah) and some they cannot.