March or July?

We just returned from our trip, and DH said he wouldn’t mind going again and asked when we will have a week off during the upcoming school year. :joy: We have a guaranteed spring break for the first time in over a decade- the week of March 9. From reports this past spring, I understand March can be super crowded. July, though, is so hot, but the crowds weren’t too terrible last week I thought. I did a little checking on the Disney website and discovered that the resort rates are actually higher in March than in the summer. Can anyone who has been in mid March chime in and share their thoughts about crowd levels, weather, etc?

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March 2017 for our spring break and apparently all of Canada’s spring break and Daytona Bike Week and I think the NBA had some play off stuff going on.

It was a zoo but we had a great time with good touring plans.

The weather was FABULOUS!


I and my wife do March quite often. First off it is the Flower Festival and the grounds are beautiful. July on the other hand is a killer. It is too hot and don’t let that fool you, the place is packed none the less. Now Spring Break is usually mid March, so if you go in early March it is cooler and the crowds are as bad at that time. I am not saying it can’t get crowded but at least the heat isn’t so hot you want to kill whomever walks into you.


If you can RD every day, I would go with spring break for the cooler weather. And you can get a lot done from 8-10 and then skip out of the park early. Easy WDW did a couple spring break blog posts showing how much you can get done.


Like I said, we just got back from our July trip and, yes, the heat was intense! We never waited in line, though, thanks to our Fastpass strategy and EMM at TSL plus an early morning PPO to beat the rope drop crowds. The crowds weren’t too bad, though, so we’ll see. Right now the predicted crowd levels for when we can go in March are all levels 8-10 depending on the park and the day.

I’ve been in July and thought I’d die from the heat. I’ve been in March and it was so cold we wore sweatshirts all week and never got in the pool. We each only packed 1 pair of pants and wished we had more.

If I had to choose one over the other, I would choose March.


We’ve done July once and will never do again. It was miserably hot and Im from the south, used to 100 degree + feels like temps. We’ve done early March a couple times when it coincides with Mardi Gras. Sooooo much nicer and the grounds are beautiful. I think your crowds will be similar for both times. IMO, crowds are much more tolerable when the weather is nicer.


We were there March 19-22 this year and it was GREAT. We went back in June and it was like we were walking on the surface of the sun.

The March crowds were definitely heavy (we had all 8 and 9 CLs), but if you’re a liner and use all your liner tricks, you’ll be fine. We got tons done and the weather was so lovely.

June was obviously super fun but it was so hot I was even uncomfortable sitting by the pool for our midday breaks. And I love being hot.


This is so, so, so incredibly accurate. Ambling around Epcot in high CLs when it was in the low 80s in March was sooooo nice. Getting from Mexico to China in June made me feel like I was going to literally melt.


We have gone to WDW in March several times, had a wonderful time. Went once in July. Never again. If someone gave me a free trip to go in July or August, I might accept it, but not go into the parks, just resort hop.

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me too if there is an airconditioned place nearby.

We went in March 17. Being newbies I can’t compare it to any other time but we didn’t have any problems. Our first week was quieter than the second week and that was predicted too so we did as much as we could that week then the second week we did what we could. But to be honest we did a lot then too! Good use of FPs and refreshing and not stressing about what’s next. We didn’t feel cramped at all and the weather was fab! From what we worked out whilst we were there it seems different areas finish for spring break at different times so the start’s a bit staggered. So maybe aiming for the first couple of weeks of spring break would be an idea? Or would that have been a one off?

Spring Break is CROWDED. Airline prices are crazy. First two weeks in March are the time to go.