March or July 2018?

Hi there everybody! Planning our second family trip to WDW (addicted!) and I have a bit of a conundrum. Should we go the last week of March 2018 or the 2nd week of July 2018??? Our family consists of myself, DH, DS7 & DS6. Concerns are crowd levels in March due to Springbreak etc. and weather in July (also seems like March would be “cheaper”??? This last part I don’t understand because months ago March was super expensive! BTW we are staying onsite at AKL (soooo excited!!!) and 4 day park on a 7 day stay.
Thank you in advance for you input!!

The last week of March is the week before Easter. Think crowded. I’d be surprised if it was cheaper though. Are you sure there’s still availability?

July on the other hand will be hot. But plan mid-day breaks, keep hydrated.
And it will be much easier to book now than March.

Thanks for your reply @Nickysyme. Yep I am sure, just saw it with a package deal I was able to book, don’t know for how long though… that’s why it threw me when I saw it cause I basically got Easterbreak off my ‘possible WDW trip’ list…

Personally I would go with Easter.

We have done Christmas and New Year, and by adjusting our expectations we were all pleasantly surprised how much we could do.

And the rest of the family found July too hot, or rather too humid. But we’re from the UK lol! If you’re used to it, it will be easier to tolerate. Like I say, you have to stay hydrated. We found it was better to take breaks during the hottest part of the day and do a lot of evening touring, using evening EMH wherever possible.

Do crowds bother you? Funny but the last few years July has been much less crowded.

We were there the last week of June this past year. It was hot, but I didn’t think unbearable. You just tell yourself that it is going to be hot and you are going to sweat and realize that everyone else in the parks is too. The biggest downside of summer that I found was the rain/thunderstorms EVERY afternoon. An hour or so, wasn’t bad - put on ponchos and enjoy lower crowds, but 2 of our 4 park days it down-poured for 5+ hours, pools closed, outdoor rides closed… Aside from that, I thought summer was a great time to be in the parks.

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We were thinking of doing either a spring break trip or a July trip ourselves (we ended up tacking on a couple extra park days to our cruise vacation in April). If I hadn’t added the extra days in April, I probably would have went with July. My reason is we were planning on staying at AKL by renting DVC points. We have good touring plans and make use of fastpasses, so a mid day break would work well for us to escape the heat in the parks. We could also enjoy our beautiful accommodations at AKL! The crowd levels appear to be lower in July, but really, if you have a good plan the difference between the two is negligible. It’s probably more up to how well you and your family can handle the heat of spring vs middle of summer in Florida.

One of the reasons I said July was that I was looking at DVC availability in July last night and there were many options!

Very true! We had a couple options to rent points for DVC in July and I just put the request in on Friday.

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OK thanks so far everybody! I’ll think on it some more, see if I can get my priorities straightened out!

Update: just went back on the site and the cheaper rooms are not available anymore! So I guess the decision has been made for me!! Oh well… July it is!!


Couldn’t pay me to go in July; the heat and humidity is just too unbearable for me. Of course, Easter week is it’s own kind of hell on earth due to crowds. Do you have any other choices?

LOL I kmow EXACTLY what you mean… looks like neither might be an option, have to wait & see, but 2019 is looking more feasible. Thank for your honest answer!