March or April

My family is looking to either go to Disney
March 9th - 13th 2018
April 13th - 17th 2018

Since the 2018 dates are not released yet I can’t look to see which would be more cost effective.
So I wanted to see if I could get some input from here.
Around these two dates what would you say would be best taking into consideration
crowd level, cost, and weather

Thanks for any and all input.

I’m guessing early March would be better. Easter will be on April 1, 2018. I’m guessing most spring breaks will be between mid-March and mid-April, so an early March trip might squeeze in before the biggest crowds. It won’t be quite as hot then too. It’s all speculation at this point though!

I agree with @SallyEppcot, the March dates may help you avoid the Spring break crowds.

As someone who planned it blind like you are trying to do, I suggest March. All the crowds we’ve been watching that were supposed to be low have been way higher than expected for our trip after Easter, even taking into account spring breaks.

I agree, March would be the better date. Up here in the Northeast, grade schools (k-12) also have their April break on the 2nd week of April and it seems like every other child when asked what you’re doing on break they say “my parents are taking me to Disney”. The school year up here goes from Labor Day to late June. With 1 week breaks in December (Xmas to New year’s), February (usually 3rd week), and April (usually 2nd week). I’ve always stayed away during those weeks. The best week I’ve ever spent in WDW based on crowds was a week beginning in late April that ran into early May. Easter had passed, Spring break was over, all schools (local and afar) were still in session,… Rates were still good, lines were pretty non-existent, dining reservations were plentiful, weather was fantastic, and what made it greater was that I brought my entire family down including parents and in-laws and I looked like a genius because the plans worked so perfectly.

Thanks for all the input. We WANT to do the March dates, so this is what I like to hear.

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We were there today at the Magic Kingdom and the crowd was the largest I have ever seen! It’s getting so there are no slow times anymore. I’m an annual passholder and have been consistently dealing with crowds. Bring your patience!

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Another vote for March from me too. Both will probably be busy, but early March slightly less so would be my guess.

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I’m pretty sure there aren’t any slow weekends anymore. Some weekdays in August and February are probably decent, but it’s just busy, more busy or extremely busy the rest of the time. It’s still wonderful though!

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I think you are right. My sister said, “I’d rather spend a busy day at the MK than not be there at all!” If you’re going to have a visitor with you, it’s great to have one with a good attitude!

Thank you


Thanks for all this information. It was very helpful in our decision making. Due to some other family obligations we are taking a long weekend in April. I think it is like you all said. It is never not crowded anymore.

And well that is ok.

Because it is Disney!!