March hours change - FoP FPP now available!

AK hours got extended through March, lots of Flight of Passage FPPs available right now.
Get 'em while they’re hot!


I didn’t see this 2 hours ago (as that was 4am local time) but I have been trying to refresh my Na’vi FPP for the last few days and just was able to switch to FOP! I think it is too early to make it to on my fly in day (10am-11am with a flight landing at 8:30) but I will keep modifying and stay hopeful!


Thank you so much. I’ve been checking every time that you show thedibb has shown extra availability. Hasn’t worked for me until today. By some small chance, I was able to modify the part of our party (5 of 8) who wants to ride FoP to 1:15 pm on our March day (60+1). This was my fantasy time for FoP fitting our touring plan way back before original FPP day! The TP site and Liners are the best!


Fabulous, so glad for you guys!
I’ve managed to bag another one too for one of our back up days so we’ve now got five FoP fastpasses over our stay. This is now making the alternative idea of an AK ropedrop where you take advantage of the fact everyone’s rushed to Pandora and so do everything else a definite option!

Since last night I haven’t been able to modify or add any fast passes in Animal Kingdom at all (the other parks are working just fine). I get the Olaf error every time I try. I’m really hoping to snag one though!

Have you cleared your cache recently?

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I gave that a shot. It didn’t work either unfortunately. I’ll just keep trying. Sometimes it shows them to me for a brief moment.

Website’s been VERY spotty in the last 24 hours, I had to use the phone app which worked well.

We aren’t going until 32 days from now, which means they’ll all be gone before I can make my FPPs. I thought about moving my day, but they’re all snapped up for the 30 day mark. Oh well.

Unrelated funny glitch on the app: we have a PPO Plaza breakfast, and the app still said Main street USA but said Disney’s Wide World of Sports as the name of the restaurant. I wish I had screenshotted it.

We’re seeing regular FoP and other ride drops at about 10am GMT that we think are resulting from the FPP rules change so keep checking! This is a good time to be near 30 days!