March/April 2018 Memory Maker Share

I’m going to be at WDW two days - Feb. 28-March 1. I would love to get in on a MM share. I love MM but just can’t justify the expense for two days!

I’m not sure the dates work for this one?

I’m looking to get in on an early March Memory share if there’s room with someone with similar dates. We’ll be there from the 3rd to the 10th

Any updates on going in together? I haven’t been to Florida since 2002, so I don’t think I could be in charge of it.

I have already organized two shares with people who responded super early, but I’m happy to leave this thread open for others to coordinate a new share! I also happened to find a Disney memory maker share Facebook page if you are looking for others. Let me know if you need any guidance in setting it up— it’s pretty easy and definitely works well!

Yeah I saw from the responses in this the thread the 30 day window. The reply was for kimeadler who mentioned me directly earlier on this thread, to see if someone else was going to set up a group.
I learned about the FB group last night, and am applying to join.
Thanks for helping.

Sorry, my trip is outside the 30 day window your group looks like it’s going, so I figured as much.

Are you interested in taking the lead on a March memory share? I’d like to join if you are, and if not I’m willing to tackle it. I was part of a group for our visit two years ago and it was great. I’m willing to tackle organizing one if necessary. If you’d like to contact me directly my email address is


We are going to be at Disney March 1-6. Can only go to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot on a park hopper on March 1st. Then will use at Disney Springs for 50th Anniversary pictures with family and then Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique pictures. I don’t feel comfortable taking the lead but would be willing to join. We did Memory Maker 2 years ago on our own with a similar itinerary and didn’t know this existed or how it works if anyone can explain it to me.

We’re going to be there March 7 to 14 and would definitely join in if you all are planning on doing a group!


I will not be doing a share. Thank you.

Our travel dates are the same (April 21st thru 28th) and if you are still interested in sharing Memory Maker, I’d love to see if we could get it set up.

Hello! I joined a group with 4 other people, we have 4 going mid to late april and one in mid May. Feel free to pm me your email address if your are interested in joining and we will get you the information!

It seems like there are still several of us with early March trips looking for a memory share. I’m willing to set one up if there are two to four other groups interested. I was part of a memory share for our last trip in June of 2016, and saved all the emails from the woman who ran it. Let me know if you’re interested.

I’m interested. Going March 4-9.

We’d be interested!

Email me at, and we’ll start getting this set-up. I’d like to wait until about Monday night to see if anyone else is interested.

I’m leading a group and looking for at least one more family to join us, if you are travelling between April 2 to 30, send me a message

Going May 14-19. Any room left in the group?

Sorry, our group is closed as everyone has already paid and half our group has already gone on their trips.