March/April 2018 Memory Maker Share

I know it is early, but wondering if anyone is open to a MM Share in March/April 2018. I will be there March 28-31. I have done this the past two years and it has been great! I have 1-2 other people interested so far and would want 4-5. Thanks!

I would be interested but my dates may be too far from yours, my dates are april 21-28, let me know if you think that would work. I was not sure if that would work since i have never done this before. No worries if you think my dates are too far from yours. Thanks!

My dates are April 13-18 and would love to join

I think all photos need to be within 30 days, so I think we may be a day or two off of that between your trip and mine. However, depending on interest I bet we can find people for two different shares.

Jen- our dates should definitely work. Will keep you posted!

Ok, i thought that might be the case from what i had read!

I have a trip planned for April 15-20th. I’ve done the Memory Maker on my own before so I’m familiar with how that works, but I’ve never done a share - how does the share work? Thanks!

Soniabel- I have done a share twice before and it has worked out great! Since photos can be taken within a 30 day span, you first make sure dates work. Then you literally split the cost. The person managing sets up a dummy mde account and everyone has access to that, so you use that account to download photos. Everyone adds the dummy account to their friends and family list so we all become connected. All downloads start after the last persons trip ends so that all have equal downloading time. I have been in shares with 4 families usually. My personal trip is pretty short, so it’s not worth it for me to buy my own, much better to split. I haven’t managed a share before, but I feel confident that I know how to do it by now.

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Sounds good. I would be interested in joining if the dates work out.

Hi Soniabel! Are you still interested in a Memory Maker Share? I think our dates will probably work. Just trying to finalize a group whose dates work the best together. How many park days are you planning? Can you let me know your e-mail address? Thanks! -Melissa

Yes, I am still interested. My park days are 4/15 through 4/20 (6 days). I sent you my email address in a message.

Oh oops, yes you did! I have your e-mail address and I will be in touch!

Hi Jen, I am getting confused by this touring plans forum! Do I have your email address? If not, can you send it to me? I am going to use gmail instead!

If you still have room in the group, I’d love to join. I’ll be there the first week of April. Have shared twice in the past with groups here (was organizer once) and loved it. Please let me know if there’s room!

We are there 3/24 - 3/28… would that work since we’re arriving before you?

We’re there March 11-19 if you’re still looking for a share?

We’re going down the week of March 5-9. I know it looks like I’ll miss out on this, but maybe other people around the same time…?

Would the last two posters (algee and TonyCollett) be interested in forming a new share if the others have already filled their share? We will be there from 3/24-3/29. I think we could fit all three of us in one share! :slight_smile:

If I’m not in charge of it, sure.

I’d be in