March 5th-9th Crowds

We will be in MK on the 8th of March, (a Tuesday) which is currently listed as a “10” crowd level. I’m wondering if that’ll change or be updated? And if not, what reason are behind the 10? With some of the things I’ve looked at, there seems to be a small lull in school breaks, holidays and dance comp that may bring the few dates we’ve booked down on levels (March 6-9)


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It looks like this should be a lower crowd week by all accounts. But I doubt we will see any across the board 1-3s this spring. I still think 10 is not accurate, 5-6 maybe. Wonder why it’s predicted so high.

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That is a normal level (pre-covid). Touring Plans have been using data from 2019 for forecasting 2022 crowd levels.

The second Tuesday in March in 2018 and 2019 were CL10.

2019, Mardi Gras was in early March. I do remember crowds were crazy. More and more people leave the gulf coast and head to Disney since kids are out of school, 3-5 days plus weekend(s).

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We’re planning MK for that day, and I was wondering about the CL, too. Mardi Gras is 3/1 this year, so that shouldn’t be in a full week later.

Tuesday March 5, 2019 Mardi Gras MK CL7
Tuesday March 12, 2019 MK CL10

Looking deeper, all Louisanna schools spring break is over on Monday,March 6th, (they have Feb 26-March 5th off) so I am hoping Mardi Gras isn’t a factor and the way the weeks fall that there is a brief (lighter) lull for the week of March 6th.

I would expect lower crowds, but every time we have went in the last two months it is slammed, and significantly busier than you would expect.

We are going the 18th-20th again, I am hopeful I am wrong but I am expecting it to be packed.

I want to add that last year MG was pretty much canceled. When its later, like in March, more of the people I know plan to stay rather then vacay away because the weather is nice on MG. Couple this with no MG last year and I don’t expect the same migration as years prior. Could be wrong, just my observation/opinion.

That makes sense.

Overall folks are reporting a more crowded feeling right now (daily,) than they were expecting over on TP’s WDW Chat tool.

My parents have been in WDW the past two weeks and have enjoyed seeing more people than this time last year…but they take it easy and do shows and things.

Just my 2 cents worth… I am also visiting that week, and I have been watching availability at the Deluxe resorts for months. It is basically non-existent, except for the occasional cancellation, which we were fortunate enough to stumble on the first week of December. Also, I’ve been catching up on recent trip reports. I am bracing myself for out-of-control crowds :roll_eyes:

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