March 2020 plans critique

I took off my file. Thanks for looking it over!

Planning for 11 is no joke. Here is what I’ve got so far.

Really hard to understand especially the multiple restaurant reservations for 1-2 people. Might not want to put peoples full names and the dates they’ll be out of town on the internet either.


You have some good fast passes. I’m sure your group will enjoy them ( but not appreciate what you did to get them!!) like my group of 10.


Do you have a TP that you want reviewed? Better than asking everyone to download a file. Also, a TP is easier to look over than your notes. :smiley:

To publish a plan for people to review -

Click on your plan. In the large gray box, at the top of the page & before all your activities, click Edit. A pop-up window will appear. You originally saw this when making the plan with dates & times. Right above the blue “Save” button you’ll see a check box next to “Publish this plan”. Check that and you’ll be taken back to the plan. Now in the large gray box, at the top, you’ll see a link that you can click / copy & paste.

Ok I didn’t know that, thanks!

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