March 2020 or June 2020

My first post, but i have touring plans for the last three trips and love it! I was planning a trip back in late March but the crowd calendar has freaked me out. Last time we went in the beginning of June and crowds were not bad, but it was HOT. So my thought was March, but 10s everyday is rather scary especially when my husband though last time was crowded and it never got over an eight. So i am just looking for opinions I guess. We could go march 20 or june 3 for 6 to 7 days …

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I have never been in March, but I think crowds are much more manageable when it is not as hot. We went in June last year and I would prefer to go next time when it is cooler.

March is Spring Break all across the country. I don’t want to scare you off, but it’s pretty intense with the throngs of guests.

Here are pics from this last March 2019

That is what scares me! I think that scares me more than the heat!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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Right there with ya! I can take the heat, but being shoulder to shoulder every moment in the park is not my preference.

Thanks for reply! It was so hot when we went in june and my husband and kids all complained about the heat, especially in some of the outside queues. So I thought March but i didn’t think the crowds then might be worse than early june.