March 1st to March 8th - What happened ?!


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When this first happened I flagged up this week and @len said they’d look into it. Has anything happened in that regard?
The first ten days of March seem vastly against expectations.
It is the highest CL levels in the entire year besides Christmas 2019, significantly higher than Thanksgiving.
The reasoning given in the blog post is that Thanksgiving last year was high, so they’ve bumped up Spring Break, but this makes no sense. That week is NOT Spring Break for the majority of the US. Yes we have Mardi Gras, but that’s not what they blamed it on or would explain this level of CL would it?
What’s more, when Spring Break does kick in for most schools, 11th March through to first week in April (it’s VERY spread out this year which is good news) most of the CL predictions have dropped.
I still maintain these dates are ones that need further investigation and explanation. If you’re truly predicting nine CL10 days out of ten for Animal Kingdom then that is an extraordinary event and if you can look into it as you said you would, and share your thoughts, we’d appreciate it.


@len any updates on this ? I also find it absurd that AK is 10 for the whole week ?


I did slighty tweak my schedule based on the new crowd rating. I also educated myself on the Early Magic Morning at both MK and Toy Story land and as we are a party of 2, we will definately take advantage of both. I think this will allow us to do MANY high demands rides before park is officially open and then gives us a head start on many other popular rides as we will already be in the park.

I am now an happy camper.


I absolutely agree with you. I thought it was very odd that AK was a CL 10 for 9 days out of 10. But then goes down to CL4 the following week which is full blown Spring Break week.
My only worry is that Mardi Gras is increasing the crowds more than initially anticipated, if you look at the historical crowds in the 2018 chart, you can see that MG week was busier than President’s week which was the following week. I still hope that Len can come back and shed a little more light on this week of March.


The TP subscription is so very inexpensive. Such good value. The crowd calendar is a miniscule part of what we are given in return for the subscription charge. I visited MK on a CL10, July 4th day and following a TP had a fabulous day with minimal waits. Have faith faint hearted ones.


I have been very upset with Crowd Calendar. I use it to plan my trips then all of a sudden it jumps to 10’s . Can someone from TP please explain the ML / AI they are using here to allow this to occur. If they look forward, as well as backwards, these jumps in # should not happen…


It’s been explained elsewhere in the forum and in a blog post. They do look forward and backwards, however sometimes circumstances change. For example, Disney changes how they do things unexpectedly. Or more people are travelling to WDW than in years past (which was the case in the fall). This caused them to reassess all their models based on the new data. When new data becomes available, it changes the model, which is how good ML should work.


I think, based on this thread, it jumped because we ALL decided to go that week LOL. (I’m arriving March 9th)

I’ve skimmed their blog post explaining calendar changes, and they’re stating in part that, after a bump in November traffic, they’re expecting the potential for a similar bump for Mardi Gras and the start of Spring Break.

The good news is you have your fast passes, and I’ve always found the “Lines” app to be WELL worth the annual fee for maneuvering through the park from day to day. The app lines will often differ widely from the Disney app lines, and you’ll find some real opportunities for quick lines every day, based on my experience.

I’ve been during Mardi Gras before, I wouldn’t overthink it. Enjoy your time at Disney. We’ll pick up on the 10th where you left off!

PS: Just renewed Touring Plans for myself, as I’m planning 3 trips in next 15 months.