March 11, 12, 2019 Crowd Level 10

Does anybody have any insight into why the crowd levels for March 11 and 12, 2019 are a 10? It seems out of place.

Easter weekend which is in April is only an 8. I do not know of any major events going on and it is a Monday and a Tuesday.

Undercover Tourist rates the 11th a 5, and the 12th a 7.

Maybe spring break? I know here that instead of having a week in Feb & a week in April a lot of schools are getting one week in March & that is when colleges are out

My first thought was maybe Mardi Gras - but that’s the week before. Maybe it’s just an odd spike based on some historical event that has the data skewed. But at 8 months out, the CL is a guestimate at best. Maybe @len can shed some light on this…

Spring break in many parts including most of Texas. Busy week but great weather (I wouldn’t pick that week unless you’re running off of a school calendar)

I’ll check with the stats team.

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@Gnatjo this is the thread - no answer yet.