Marathon weekends, do you know 6 mths in advance which parks to avoid each day?

On Marathon weekends, do you know 6 mths in advance which parks to avoid each day? Do they go through all the parks?

I thought they only went through the parks before they open? Which is why they start at like 4am!

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There can be an issue traveling to MK or EP on race days ( often Friday-Sunday). Also, traveling to/from some resorts.

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We went to Epcot on marathon day of 2017 and it was a disaster. Took us almost two hours to get there. We missed our GG reservation but we’re able to reschedule. We were coming from AKL and hey had to drop us off at TTC. It was our first day of our first trip and I thought I had ruined everything. They also had a pedestrian traffic stop before the UK pavilion to let runners into the park. They were running for a long time after RD. It is a marathon after all. They also had half of the walkway cordoned off for runners. It felt very squished. If I were to do that again (which I won’t) I would have gone to AK since we were just 10 min from there. Though…I’m pretty sure they run through all four parks in the marathon. I don’t know how early in the course they run through AK.

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Ah, OK. I stand corrected.

Note to self: avoid marathon days.

Hahaha! Yeah! I was so unhappy on that bus ride. Luckily, it was our first day and my husband and kids didn’t know any better and were great sports. And we were been able to only wait 15 min for soarin. And all the cast members were so understanding. It was just so frustrating because my first day of plans wasn’t working. Luckily it caused me to loosen up the rest of the trip because we still had a great time.

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There is only one “Marathon Weekend”. That one you will see running lanes with certain crossing areas in AK and Epcot on Sunday and it affects traffic the most and the longest.

The others are Half Marathon weekends and typically are through by 11 or 12 on Sunday.

In both cases the aim is to have all the runners and walkers and combinations through the MK before it opens.

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