Marathon Crowd Advice

Hello, folks!

I’ve already received some excellent tips about our upcoming trip during the Star Wars marathon, but I just want some input on our decisions! We are staying at the Dolphin while the Star Wars marathon is going on. We are currently planning on walking/boating to Epcot on a Sunday, 4/23 to avoid traffic issues with the race…and then going to the Magic Kingdom on Monday, 4/24. The crowd calendar and Kenny the Pirate rate those choices like this:

Epcot 9a-11p with EMH…TP (6)…KtP (worst park)
MK 9a-10p…TP (5)…KtP (best park)

Epcot 9a-9p…TP (5)…KtP (best park)
Magic Kingdom…9a-11p…TP (6)…KtP (worst park)

Would you risk the traffic and go to MK bc the crowds are later and rated better on KtP? Or would you keep things as planned? Will a difference of 5-6 be that much? And are evening EMH all that bad?

We usually have park hoppers but decided against them this trip, so I’m feeling a little more pressure to pick the best park for each day! Thank you for any thoughts you take the time to write!

We were at WDW during the marathon in February. There was a note in our resort room (AKL) advising people to stay away from MK until 11am. I went to the front desk as our SDMT FPP was at 9:30 and it was the one at MK we didn’t want to miss. They said the note was really just for those people who had cars and the bus know the right routes and back roads to get to MK on time, just leave plenty early. We did. I can’t remember when we left, but we arrived just as they were opening the park and we walked onto so many rides that first couple of hours. I was shocked at how empty it was. I will be there during the Star Wars Marathon as well and we’re doing MK in the morning and EP in the afternoon. Hoping we’ll have similar results. Plus, it was really cool to see all the runners along the route!

I’m not the best source of info for most of your questions, as I’ve never been on a race day and can’t speak to the traffic. The one thing I can help you with - I was at Epcot a few weeks ago during evening EMH and it was FANTASTIC - very few people stuck around. We did JiIwF, Pixar Shorts, SSE, and Soarin’ from 9:30 - 11 pm and didn’t wait in a single line. It was great!

I have always liked EMH…but we usually have park hoppers and hit them free we’re finished somewhere else that day. But I love that time of night at the parks…especially if we get to walk on like you did!

I also saw on Lines Chat that there’s a whole “never go to MK on a Monday” rule I never knew about! It’s causing me to doubt everything!