Map with numbers on it?

I really like how, on the desktop version of TP, it shows the numbers on the map to reflect the order of the plan. I thought I was being smart by right clicking and saving the image so it could be on my photo roll. Unfortulatey, when I open the pics on my phone the numbers are not there. I know I could take a screenshot and add the maps this way…but am I missing something obvious?! Seems like there should be a save or download button?

If not, developers – please make note of this.
Am I missing something?

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Here’s what I’m doing, if it’s helpful. If you “publish” the plan, it will give you a link that you can use to reference the plan in your browser. A bonus is whenever you “refresh” the page it will update to match any changes you made in the app.



This is helpful, thanks!


Agree that this is frustrating. It’s easier to modify in the app but you can’t see where things are, but on the website you get a map and modifying is less nice.

I also wish they had a map of at least the food carts because Disney doesn’t include those in their maps and the descriptions don’t help if you aren’t familiar with the parks. :disappointed:

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