Map direction

Hi, i have been practicing looking at my touring plans on the app via my iPhone. Is there a map set out like the one that is viewed on website? On the website, there is a map with dot numbers that indicate which direction I’m heading… I would like to see it on the app, so that I know where to go.

Not on the app @VJB, sorry. How’s the practicing going?

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Thanks :slight_smile: Ive not done much practice yet, was just looking through all the features and trying to get familiar :slight_smile: I think Ive spent so much time with my tour plans that I probably know the general park layouts without having an inbuilt map as such. All will be well. It is all coming together nicely…

great to hear!!!
Now don’t forget to relax and enjoy it all!
You’ve got this down pat, you’ll have a great time. Don’t worry!

No, but we just pick up the paper park maps. They’re more detailed and easier to follow. Sounds like you’re doing a lot of planning!

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hola mossy! long time no see!!!

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Hola Quicha! Como va? :slight_smile: