Mandara spa?

Anyone tried the Mandara Spa? Good, bad, would you switch to the one at GF? Would like a nice relaxing 1/2 day somewhere, but looking online mostly got negative reviews. This may be due to the preponderance of negativity in online reviews, but Mandara may also be a good place to avoid. Mandara will be closer to BC where I’m staying, but I don’t want to pay $$$$ for crappy services/experiences either.

I’ve never heard of Mandara Spa, had to google it to see where it is.

By contrast I have heard a million fantastic things about Senses, which is at both GF and Saratoga Springs (which may be closer to you?). If I were going to get spa services while in WDW - and for the most part I would not barring a wedding or post marathon pampering - I would definitely do it at Senses.