Managing two rooms

We purchased two rooms, one for our family and one for my mother in law. Can I add both of them to MDE, or do I need to have my mother in law add her room onto her own MDE? Hope this makes sense.

You can manage both

We had two connecting POP rooms last July, and it’s easy to manage in one MDE. ADR and FP can be reserved for the whole party at one time as if it were a single room, but dining plan credits stay separately attached to each room (not that it really matters, as the total number of credits is correct for the total number of people, but how you keep track of what is left and how many meals/snacks to order from which magic band gets a tad more complicated when divided between two rooms). Also, online check-in, paying the balances due, and selecting the complementary magic bands are separate for each room from my experience.

If it is under one reservation then the payment and magic band order is all together. Not sure about the dining credits (though I expect they are separate). We have two rooms booked for Pop in March, and that is how it is working for us so far.

Also, super easy to book fastpasses for everyone in both rooms. Just did it this morning, woohoo!

I managed 2 rooms for our family at POFQ even with the second room in my daughter’s name. All ADRS and FPP were made by me. I was able to order Magic Bands for both rooms.

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