Managing Touring Plan w/ Jedi Training Academy

So I've created a personalized TP for HS. We really want to do JTA this time. The TP gives a showtime that works best in the plan. But, chances are most likely high that we won't be signed up for that exact show. How do I manage this because I know that we can't rearrange things on the app in park? Any advice from others who have experienced this? HS seems like one of the most difficult parks because of all of the different shows and specified times. Thanks!

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I can't help you from experience, but maybe if it's later in the day in your plan you could request a later time at sign up? I know we've had some liners report good luck in requesting a later show.

That's a good idea. Thanks! I'm having such a hard time wrapping my brain around how we are going to manage FP+s, JTA, and the other shows that we want to catch.

I've seen reports of people getting their requests granted more often lately, likely due to the new FASTPASS system and ADRs.

Don't forget to bring your kids with you to sign up!! It's mandatory that they are there when you sign up. 😊

Thanks, @Darth_DopeyD73! That would be a real bummer if I had gotten in line without them. We have an 8:05 ADR at H&V. I plan on leaving my DH and oldest DS to pay while I take littles with me. Fortunately, they eat like birds so I don't think that I'll have to worry about them not being finished eating. Meeting all of the characters might be an issue but they agreed that JTA was more important than the Disney Jr characters so I'm not too worried. Thanks again!!

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Nice strategy!! Good luck and have a great time! My DS loved JTA when he did it.

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Nice to hear they may honor a time request. We booked our trip after 180 days, so I currently have H&V at 10:15. Was worried about trying to get JTA time that works between breakfast and FPPs.

That makes me feel better too, @ThreeBuddies. We originally had a 10:30 ADR b/c we like to eat a late breakfast and then just dinner plus whatever snacks we might enjoy but I changed it on a whim when I saw the 8:05.

How far in advance of your trip did you find the earlier ADR @kellymouse5? I'm checking everyday, but our trip isn't until December, so hoping I'll get lucky as people's plans finalize.

It was definitely after our 180 day. Our trip is in November and I think that it opened up about 2 weeks ago.

Keep trying! I booked all of all ADRs for our Sept. 2013 trip less than 180 days out and was able to get all of the hard to get ones including CRT, BOG, CM, Ohana, etc. I just made sure that I was checking multiple times a day. Good luck!!!! four_leaf_clover

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Thanks! I usually book them at 180 and never change, so think is new for me! Good to have some hope 😀

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We just came back from HS a few days ago. Went straight to the JTA sign up at rope drop and requested the 1:20 show, which was what I had planned with our TP. They initially offered an earlier time, but I requested the 1:20 show and it was available. We were probably 20-25 kids back in the queue and some of the earliest shows were already full. Make sure that you allow yourselves to be there 30 min before showtime in your TP - they organize the kids before bringing them out for the show.
I had some back-up plans in place with one show earlier and one later, but I'm guessing you could re-optimize in the park if you don't end up with the show you want.
Also, they will cancel the show due to weather, so that's another thing to consider. It stormed betw 2:30 and 3 when we were there, but the next day it didn't start pouring until 4:30. I know that's hard to predict, but something to think about with the later afternoon shows.
Good luck!


If you do need to rearrange your TP, just go in the order up until your JTA. If its earlier than planned, you can mark it off as done and re-optimize. If it's later than planned, you can just keep touring per your plan and do rides you'd planned after JTA before etc and then re-optimize...unless there is a show in the way which can be a pain. But remember, you can always re-optimize. Of course, you can also just check the wait times on the ap or the MDE ap and see what works best too. We often start out with a plan and then start to wing it at some point. I find HS touring can be hard if you are trying to get scheduled showtimes in. We often end up back there for part of another day if we've missed a show we want to see (and storms can shut them down too).


you can ask for the check as soon as you sit.

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We will definitely do that. Good idea!!

I didn't think about the weather angle. Good to know!

@ThreeBuddies - it’s unlikely you want this exact day, but just in case I’ll likely be dropping an 8:05 HnV ADR on 12/30 if anyone wants to coordinate for it.

Thanks so much for thinking of me @awillard! Our trip is actually the 12th - 17th. And I ended up getting a H&V at 8 on the 15th, then dropped it when we changed our plans. Plus the one who didn’t do JTA last time says he doesn’t want to do it now, so we’re skipping this time.

Appreciate the thought. Hope some other lucky liner gets it, and have a great trip!

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DD10 was one of the wait-listed kids because we didn’t arrive early enough. Plan on being there by 8:30 at the very latest. We got there at 9:05 and were pretty deep into the wait list. Talk about a touring plan flying out the window. if you get there on time, I would do as others here suggested and ask for a later time that fits your TP.

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@baileykatt - thank you for the advice! We’re planning for JTA for our 3 kiddos next Friday. Our plan is to drive from our hotel (POR) so that we’re not dependent on the bus service that morning…

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