Managing physical tickets?

The physical tickets at Disneyland are making me nervous…the magicbands of WDW were so convenient :slight_smile:

3 kids (6, 8, 11 at time of trip) plus 2 parents going in February

How do you handle them? Keep all 5 in adult pocket/bag and dig out every time you get/use a FP? Makes it a big responsibility…what if a ticket gets lost?

It just seems like fumbling 5 tickets constantly is a recipe for disaster.

I buy a lanyard with a pocket (like one that you can use for your passport). Keeps them around my neck the whole time, and I only take them out in the morning and for FP. Now with MaxPass, that’s not even an issue anymore. You can also load your tickets on the Disneyland App.

Last trip one of our family members lost a ticket. Since they take your pic the first day, you just have to go to City Hall/Chamber of Commerce and they’ll replace it. Didn’t take my BIL too long.

I strongly discourage that you use the App for your tickets. You will drain your battery faster plus you are guaranteed to hold up the line while you fumble through the brightness settings and navigating to the app.

If you load it to the app, can you still use the physical tickets? (in case the tickets get lost, could we use app as backup until we get them reissued)

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Apologies, I should have been more clear. When you buy your MP using the App, the tickets will be “loaded” as part of the process, it is not a separate step that you have to do. Sure, you can use your phone for FP in the unlikely case that you misplace your tickets. However, this is only for FP purposes. I don’t think they serve as a backup for re-entry.

Just relax, the process is a lot more fool-proof that what it seems when you read about it.

Absolutely yes you can load it to the app and still use the physical tickets if you wanted to conserve your battery.

We actually use our phones most of the time now though since both my husband & I have loaded all of our passes to each of our app’s. That way we can have tickets on us all the time & separate & park hop or what have you without having to worry about someone needing their physical pass. To keep at sufficient charge level we try to always start each day with the phones fully charged as well as a fully charged external charger. We can then get two good charges each with the external and it allows us to freely use our phones since it totally eliminates our fumbling for tickets when redeeming our fastpasses, entering or re-entering the parks. I

If you elect to add MaxPass to your tickets you wouldn’t even need the physical tickets to pull FastPasses. We don’t have MaxPass added to our annual passes so this is where we need the tickets the most & for that I just keep them in a wrist wallet that I keep separate from my day to day wallet & only use in the parks. It’s only big enough for my phone and a few cards so it only holds our physical passes, any paper fastpasses we need to keep on hand (like for the shows), one credit card (and/or gift card) plus my ID.

Before I had the wrist wallet I always had one designated pocket for the tickets but then I had to make sure whatever I wore had a pocket and sometimes a girl wants to wear a skirt to the parks, plus women’s pockets are extremely tiny so I was always so paranoid about everything falling out. And I’ve lost a fastpass or two when I haven’t been able to pay attention. So I am a big fan of it being on my phone, leaving me one less thing to keep track of :slight_smile:

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Any ticket or pass loaded to the app can be scanned at the gates for entry/re-entry. And multiple people in your party can have everyone’s tickets linked to their app, ie my husband & I both have each other’s passes plus the kids’ loaded to each of our separate Disney accounts. It’s come in handy to be able to separate & park hop & not have to worry about who has who’s ticket.

You seem like a pro at this but wouldn’t you agree that using your phone is a practice that we are all better without?

I’ve seen the FP line for RSR grow up to easily a hundred people just because grandma can’t access her app.

I was there the day MaxPass got off the ground & have used my phone everyday that I have been the parks. Not once did my phone have an issue BUT I have seen it & have had CMs not want to use my phone saying it will take longer but I had it out so tapped it anyway and every time, it still went through (I do have the iPhone 6+ & my guess is that the bigger screen allows the scanner to read the screen easier).

I completely agree there is a total learning curve of making it as efficient as possible, I do believe the technology overall is much easier than me fumbling for tickets. And for those who do fumble with the technology, there are two scanners & the CMs will and do keep directing people to use both, especially when properly staffed.

I’ve also seen the FP line for RSR go on & on & know for a fact that when it does it’s rarely ever those in the FP line that will suffer, because to compensate for the blockage, they then start loading close to 100% from the FP line making it move quite quickly and therefore will still keep your time in a queue to 15-20 min max (barring a breakdown). The ones bear the brunt of any of those long FP lines will be those in standby as their original estimated wait time posted upon entry of the line will increase.

I do a little bit of both. I always carry my tickets in my wallet( and have often thought about the lanyard) but I also link them to the ap so they are on my phone as well. I have noticed that most people holding up the fastpass line tho, are the ones fiddling with the phone, but I think that would be managed better if they would just have their phones open and ready when they got there.

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Why are you messing with the brightness? Just set it and leave it.

The tickets won’t scan from the phone unless the phone’s brightness is up enough.

But like I said, why not just leave it up? Why change it from what works?

I believe some people do this to conserve battery power. I personally just leave it where it is, but I have had people recommend to me to do that. Given how quickly it can drain the battery, I get it. Instead I just make sure to have back up battery pack.

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Most likely battery life. Higher brightness chews through battery - if you’re using the phone in the parks for other things beyond just MaxPass, you may have problems running at high brightness levels.

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Having the brightness on your phone turned all the way up can decrease the battery charge life by up to 50% depending on the age of your current battery.