Managing Guest Plans

I am looking for some input on how to best manage reservations for a large group while planning, and then how to manage FPP and dining charges while in the park.

Current situation: I am the only one with an MDE account (read the only Disney planner) so everyone is listed under me as a guest I created. “Everyone” includes 5 other adults and one 2 year old. At this point we have ADRs booked but no FPPs.

My question is whether or not I should push my Mom and sis to start their MDE accounts. They would each then have their own spouse to manage, and I would continue managing mine. Where I’m thinking it might be useful is two places:

  1. Booking FPPs in the park. Thinking it may be helpful to have three phones searching for FPPs for 2 people at a time rather than one phone trying to book 7. I’m predicting that we will be using the rolling FPP strategy quite a bit.

  2. Splitting up checks when mobile ordering.

My concerns:

  1. My mom is going to need to manage the FPPs when it comes to our 30 day mark (off property this time). If we are already connected, will she be able to book for everyone easily? She has never done it before and is already a little bit nervous.

  2. Is it possible for people to create their own MDE after I’ve already created ADRs and tickets and assigned them to people?

  3. Will I (as master planner) still be able to manage the other two husband’s plans if they are housed under my Mom and my sister rather than being housed under me?


Should I just scrap it all and use one account? In this case, my biggest question is can we have three phones logged into one MDE account when searching for FPs in park? Can we split checks when mobile ordering?

**If there is a way for me to manage it all, this will always be their preference.

My family’s all linked and I’ve managed FPPs for 9 different ppl at different times. My mom did have to set up a MDE acct as there has to be a registered adult with every 2 onsite rooms…4 rooms needed 2 MDE Accts. Depends on where you’re staying.

I’m doing something similar for 7 people in the park. I started with everything under my MDE account, but then as it got closer to Fastpass, I “invited” via the app the others in my group to make accounts so each person has their own. They accepted my invitation and I believe that allowed me to continue to make plans for them.

In that scenario, I’m continuing to manage all their plans, however they can reject any plans they don’t like (like rollercoaster FPPs for the non coaster people, and make their own plan in its place).

If your mom is the one booking the FPPs, everyone will also need to allow her to plan for them.

I’ve found having multiple accounts easier, especially as we made last minute changes to ADRs, I’ve been able to book 2 ADRs within 5 minutes of each other for half the party, one under my app and then one under my husband’s allowing us all to eat together.

I’m not sure about Dining charges, as we haven’t been yet, but if you do go the multiple account route that should be easier!

Good luck and I hope that helps; I really understand being the only planner out of a large group of people!

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Were you signed in on multiple devices while in the park?

Nobody else had the interest or skill to deal with FPPs in our group. Any SDPP I got was only on my phone. Sometimes easier to break into smaller groups to get additional overlapping FPPs. Easiest to get all on the computer/iPad at 30d mark. If you plan on doing a lot on your phone in the park, bring a charger… Anker, or the one they have to xchange in the park.