Managing FastPass for a person who may or may not be there to use it

So I just read something on another site that threw me for a loop:

My husband and I will be in Disney visiting each park for one day. On our MK and DHS day he will be spending the morning with me at the park and then heading off to play golf in the afternoon. Right now, I have him booked for all the same fastpasses as me, but on occasion, his fastpass may go unused. I’d like to keep him on the same fastpasses as me in case rain or - gasp! - sheer love of Disney keeps him from heading to his tee time. However, I have a question about what happens later in the day . . .

If he is not there to use his tier 2 fastpasses in DHS but I use mine, will I be able to book us both for another tier 1 fastpass if one become available?

If it matters, there is only one MDE account. I do all the planning and have him set up as a member of my party but he does not have his own account.

Assuming I shouldn’t run into any problems in MK since there is no tiering system.

I was reading the same thing you did about FP usage.

I think in your case, you’ll be ok. Assuming he leaves his magic band with you when/if he leaves to go play golf. You’d be able to use his MB for his FP for a second ride, and then book FP’s after the initial ones are gone since he used his ticket to get in the park. However, if you park hop after he leaves to play, that may be a problem. Same park you should be okay.

I’m sure more will be revealed in the next two weeks or so…

Schedule at least one of the tier two prior to the tier one and you should be fine. I am
Assuming you both will scan into the park entrance and you both will at least use the tier 1