Managing family with an AP

I plan on upgrading my base ticket to an annual pass. My family will have regular park tickets without park hopper. We are planning to go to Animal Kingdom in the morning and then MNSSHP Later. I was able to schedule fpp between 4 and 7 at the Magic Kingdom. Will those fpp work for the rest of my family, since we will be using MNSSHP tickets for entry. From what I can tell it looks like I manage all participants for fpp selections.

I have no idea, but hopefully someone else will know the answer!

There have been reports that you can schedule between 4-7 but I do not think it has been tested as a second park where FPP has been used on the first park. I am answering hoping to move this up.

We are not going to use any at the first park only at the second park. I’m hoping they’ll link up to my DH and DS party tickets. I know it will work for me since I’m using an AP to enter. I planned on using my party ticket at 7pm.