Mama Melrose

Does anyone able to book Dinner at Mama Melrose for Holidays? Hollywood and Vine dates were not released 180 days in advance, but I’ve never was able to book for Mama Melrose. Did I miss it?

This has been discussed on some of the “insider” forums. There seem to be no reservations after Dec 6th or 7th (I don’t remember which). Speculation is that it is either completely closing, or that it will become a venue for a special ticketed holiday-related meal that hasn’t been announced yet.

FWIW - we ate there last year and I don’t think we’ll be back. The food wasn’t that great, they comped my husband’s meal because it was raw. The service was good, and it’s a nice looking restaurant and very close to the holiday lights. But it wasn’t anything worth writing home about IMO.

I’ve selected Brown Derby for Dinner and Hollywood and Vine for lunch, does it look like a good option?

Can’t go wrong with HBD - best food (by far) in DHS. Have never been to H&V; i don’t care for either buffets or CMs…

also trying for Mama Melrose December 21st and no release. have booked HBD for Fantasmic package but would love to switch to save $$$$. I’m going to keep trying. Good luck

I was able to switch for Mama Melrose yesterday. No Christmas party for Dinner as rumors said…

Glad to hear that! MM is my “go-to” in DHS and I would be sad to hear that it was closing permanently. But the writing IS on the wall; the chances of it surviving the SW takeover of DHS are pretty slim…

Thanks switched last night. Liners the best