Mama Melrose vs Minnie Hollywood and Dine?

Don’t know which to choose for Fantasmic dining… Minnie’s seems very expensive (DS 9, DD 13). Is it really special, worth extra cost?

I can’t compare it to Mama Melrose because I’ve never eaten there, but we really enjoyed the Minnie’s Holiday Dine in November. The characters were very interactive with my kids and came around multiple times. They posed for photos but did not sign autographs. Not sure if that would affect your decision.

If you decide to go to Mama Melrose, make sure you have an idea of the menu and ask on chat what is good. Some items on the menu are much better than others (they have a good steak).

We did both (not the same day-lol) on our December trip…
I would definitely opt for Minnie’s! There is a lot of good food (buffet) choices and the character interaction was the best we’ve experienced!
MM was good, BUT much more adult, and the food ran the spectrum of great steak to terrible pizza!

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Perfect example of the issue with Mama Melrose!