Mama melrose/fantasmic question

Just got my fantasmic lunch reservation at mama melrose. It’s a lot of food for lunch… Does everyone in the party have to order the full meal, or can we share? I’ve got little kids that I know won’t eat the entire meal.

Lucky you! I LOVE Mama Melrose’s! Haven’t been in awhile, but I do know the last time we went our orders were all over the place. Some of us had recently eaten and others were starving. So my daughter and I ended up sharing, someone just had soup, one just had dessert and shared it, and a couple of full meals. They were fine with it, brought extra plates, etc. They were SUPER!! And the food was fantastic. However, that trip we weren’t on the dining plan, so don’t know if that would affect it. Unless somebody out there knows better, I would say they are very accommodating. Would go back to HS just for that!

We aren’t on dining plan either, so that is good to know!

If it is a Fantasmic lunch I believe it is a set price, per person.

A question along these lines. If you have a lunch/dinner reservation at Mama’s/Hollywood & Vine do you get the VIP pass for Fantasmic! or do you HAVE to book a Fantasmic Dinner/Lunch specifically. I have heard conflicting stories regarding this.

You would have to make the reservation specifically for the Fantasmic! dinner package.


So it looks like if the kids don’t eat, you are paying $12.99 for the VIP seating, which really isn’t bad. We had the package as well, I just remember we were ordering all over the place (kids getting adult appetizers, etc), and they were fine with it. Just answered ok, no problem, etc. to each of our requests. I have no clue how they ended up figuring it out. I do know we had a lot of food and it was fantastic :smile:

So we made fantasmic dining reservations at mama melrose. I have two kids, 10 & 13. They are both little (in size) and eat very little. Will they let my kids order the kids meal even though they are over 9 years old? Thanks!

They are Disney adults - are you paying out of pocket? If you are they would most likely charge you for the adult price- if on th e dining plan I do not think they would mind- adult credits.

Paying out of pocket.

You will have to pay the adult price for them regardless of what they eat.

Ok, thanks for the answer.