Mama Melrose Fantasmic package

I know we've discussed this before, but is the appetizer included in the price for the Fantasmic package at MM? Touring Plans website does not have it listed but I think MDE had it. Anyone know for sure? TIA

Yes...when r u doing the package? I'm booked for F! MM in sept. We always do F! HBD

According to website yes

Can you choose any entree and app or is it a limited menu?

I haven't done it yet (booked for December), but this page says it's entree, dessert & non-alcoholic beverage (plus F! Seating voucher).

But if @fanofpooh was able to get it fairly recently, it's worth asking your server.

We did this in May. We could choose any app and entree from the entire menu. The only thing you can't choose is the dessert. It was a great use of dining credits.