Maleficent timing in the parade?

Hello friends! Headed to the world for the first time at the end of the month and wondering when Maleficent appears in the parade? Beginning? middle? End? My four year old is very scared but I know he will enjoy the rest of the parade, so wanted to do what I could to manage the potential meltdown. Thanks in advance!

Has she returned as a fire breather or no?

Maleficent hasn’t been in the parade since setting on fire last year. No word on when she’ll be back. I’ve never actually seen the parade so I’m not sure where she used to appear.

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Thank you! I had read reports she was back in November…

I hope I did not confuse you when I mentioned last September that Disneyland Paris still has a working, firebreathing Maleficent float.

She was just before the float with Pinocchio on it, so almost at the end.

She was initially thought to be coming back in the late fall, but she failed a safety check and so was sent back to the fire-breathing dragon hospital for further rehab.


I was really hoping she’d be back for our Feb trip. I almost don’t even want to make time for the parade and may just catch it in passing if she isn’t. It really was the climax, between her and the walking thorns branches etc.

Is this going to turn into a Yeti situation?

You mean like someone will be sitting on the float in front and shine a strobe in Malificent’s face in lieu of fire…? :joy:


Well, yeah. That it will never be fixed.

I remember the days when the Yeti took a good ol’ swipe at you as you went past. It was really well done, and there was certainly no strobe. Replacing it with that stupid strobe light was such an incredible letdown, although I guess I can see that they had to do something rather than just having the poor thing just stand there… :roll_eyes:

I never went when the Yeti was operational. My DS rode it twice when he was 7 and 6 times when he was 11 and didn’t even know there was a Yeti! He thought I was teasing him, he never saw it.

Nope -when researching online I kept finding news websites saying she was coming back in November…

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Given that 1. they have a working clone elsewhere in the world that they can look at for re-fabrication if need be and 2. it’s not stuck in some impossible-to-access location where it can’t be worked on long-term without taking down an entire attraction/portion of the park, I lean towards “never be fixed” as an unlikely possibility.

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