Making rope drop from Contemporary?

What time should my family and I be walking out of my hotel room at Contemporary Resort to make RD at MK? It is scheduled to be a 6 level day. We’ll have 5 year olds and will be renting a stroller once we get to MK. I was thinking monorail instead of walking. Should we be good if we get out the door by 8am? Thanks!

(I apologize in advance if this info is somewhere else. I couldn’t find it for the life of me.)

I would actually recommend renting a stroller from an offsite company. You can get better quality for a better price, and you’ll have it waiting there for you at Bell Services when you arrive. Means you don’t have to waste time at RD trying to get a stroller sorted out.

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Seconding @mALYficent’s suggestion re: a stroller. If you have to rent one day-of, I might send one parent ahead to handle that while the other wrangles the kiddos. If you rent from an outside company and already have the stroller, I imagine leaving your room at 8:00 would be fine.

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Plenty of time. It will take you 10minutes to walk from the Contemporary. We stayed at Bay Lake Tower last time and it was faster to walk than it was to take the monorail and you won’t be mixed in with the monorail crowd. (It’s a nice walk too!)

Another vote for renting a stroller (we used Kingdom Strollers). We had ours all packed up in the room and ready to go - so no scrambling around to rent and load up once we got to MK. It’s also good because you can just wheel it all back to your room instead of unpacking and returning a stroller at the end of your day.

Thanks! It really was a snap. The night before we made the call to go stroller-less. So, out our room door at CR at 8am, walking to MK with two almost 6-year olds, and we still easily made it through the ticket gates before 8:30am.

(Circling back on some of these very helpful forum responses, now that we have returned from a spectacular trip.)

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